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When calling a prototypical spec3 test case on a scalatra app with swagger support, the tests fail.

Here's the test/spec code: ServletSpec.scala

class ServletSpec extends ScalatraSpec { def is =
  "Calling the generated swagger client"        ^
    "should return success"                     ! swaggerClient^

  addServlet(classOf[TestController], "/api/*")

  def swaggerClient = get("/api/account") {
    status must_== 200
    response.body must_== 
      """my json response"""

The TestController looks like: package com.newco

import org.scalatra._
import org.scalatra.swagger._

//sample - see http://www.scalatra.org/guides/swagger.html

// JSON-related libraries
import org.json4s.{DefaultFormats, Formats}

// JSON handling support from Scalatra
import org.scalatra.json._

class TestController(implicit val swagger: Swagger) extends ScalatraServlet 
    with JacksonJsonSupport  with JValueResult {

  protected val applicationName = Some("AppName")
  protected val applicationDescription = "description."

   // Sets up automatic case class to JSON output serialization
  protected implicit val jsonFormats: Formats = DefaultFormats

  // Before every action runs, set the content type to be in JSON format.
  before() {
    contentType = formats("json")

  val getAccount = 
      summary "Get users account information"
      notes "Returns the users profile"
      parameter queryParam[AccessToken]("accessToken").description("Access token returned from authentication service")

  get("/account", operation(getAccount)){

sbt test fails with the following error (no detailed trace available): [error] x should return success [error] ' [error] [error] [error] Error 500 com.acme.TestController [error] [error] [error]



Problem accessing /api/account. Reason: [error]


Powered by Jetty:// [error]
[error] [error] [error] ' [error] is not equal to ...

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The solution is to change the spec2 line from:

addServlet(classOf[TestController], "api/*")


implicit val swagger = new GPNSwagger 
addServlet(new TestController, "/api/*")

Swagger annotation causes the controller class to be abstract and cannot be instantiated as the declared type. This alternate method of mapping the servlet works

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