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I am looking a way to browse my Cloud Foundry Mongodb services. Look like there are two options:

  1. Tunneling to a Cloud Foundry Service with Caldecott http://docs.cloudfoundry.com/tools/vmc/caldecott.html. I never tried this but I guess it may work.
  2. My question is this: Is it possible to connect directly into Cloud Foundry from Mongodb Admin GUI such as mViewer or Mongovue? But if so, how do I know the username/password in process.env.VCAP_SERVICES['mongodb-1.8'][0]['credentials']?



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By using the GUI client you have to get a tunnel to the service. Once you open it in a CLI console the connection info will be generated and displayed, including the host address, usually, port number, username and password. You cannot connect using the values from VCAP_SERVICES if you try to do that from outside environment because these will be local values behind the CF router.

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You need to create a tunnel using Caldecott.

See http://docs.cloudfoundry.com/tools/vmc/caldecott.html.

When you open the tunnel, it should provide you with either a command line client, or the credentials to use.

In case it does not, create a piece of code that returns a dump of process.env.VCAP_SERVICES when visit a certain url on your server.

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FYI Opening the tunnel will give you the credentials, no need to query VCAP_SERVICES env variable. –  ebottard Feb 22 '13 at 9:00
yes, indeed, it should. I've updated my answer. –  Pascal Belloncle Feb 22 '13 at 9:09

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