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I am attempting to pull information from my listview but cannot seem to select a specific dataset. When pulling information from this I always get the entire contents back but can never read just one set.

I will be pulling the row data as:


I added information to the list view via

  private void getServices(string ComputerName)
        ServiceController[] services = ServiceController.GetServices(ComputerName);

        foreach (ServiceController service in services)
            chartListView2.Items.Add(new { Service = service.ServiceName, Status =     service.Status, Desc = service.DisplayName });

List View XML:

    ListView x:Name="chartListView2" Margin="12,59,46,6"
                            <GridViewColumn Header="Service" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Service}" Width="100"/>
                            <GridViewColumn Header="Status" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Status}" Width="60"/>
                            <GridViewColumn Header="Desc" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Desc}" Width="190"/>

All I want to get from this is the Service name field back.

Any help will be appreciated!

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Reflection may help here.

var item = chartViewList2.SelectedItem;
var type = item.GetType();
var propertyInfo = type.GetProperty("Service");
var value = propertyInfo.GetValue(item, null);

Then you will have a value of Service field in 'value' variable.

Since .NET 4 and dynamic keyword even shorter way exists:

dynamic item = chartViewList2.SelectedItem;
dynamic propertyValue = item.Service;
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This worked perfectly, thank you. – Saren Feb 22 '13 at 1:13

If you are binding your ListView to a List<TypedObject> then you can do this:

var item = chartViewList2.SelectedItem as TypedObject
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You can set the ListView SelectedvaluePath to Service and bind to your model or access using the ListView SelectedValue.


   <ListView x:Name="chartListView2" SelectedValuePath="Service" SelectedValue="{Binding SelectedServiceName}" >
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