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I'm not very experienced with SQL Server Profiler (2005, 2008). I'd like to print some info to a trace from a stored procedure. PRINT statements don't seem to output to my trace. How can I easily get the PRINT statements to output to the trace?

If that's not what trace (or PRINT) is really meant for, what's a quick easy alternative?

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You could use sp_trace_generateevent to "fire" an event out to your SQL trace. There's an example of it on the BOL page for the proc: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms177548.aspx

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Alternatively you can put a print statement into your stored procedure and execute the stored procedure in management studio (exec YourProcedure @Parameter1=10...) and on the messages tab you will see the print statement. If the procedure is running from an application with a lot of parameters you could trace the database to get the exec statement copy it and run it in management studio to see the print statements.

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