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I am currently trying to create a dynamic printable-document generator for my training department at work. I would like the entire project to remain in Javascript/browser-side scripting, as I'm trying to gain knowledge in Javascript exclusively. The UI is linked below (can't post images until I have 10 rep):

Hosted on my personal website - Platform/Training Plan.png

The issue I'm having is with regular expressions. I am fairly new to Javascript, but VERY new to regular expressions within Jscript. I'm currently using the following function to generate and identify three input texts per execution:

/*Variable Declarations*/

var i1 = 0;
var i2 = 0;

/* ------------------- */

function generateInput()

if (i1<15)
    var appendSpan = document.getElementById('appendSpan');

    var appendStr = "<div class='row'><input id='text_topic" + i2.toString() + i1.toString() + "' class='text_topic' type='text'/>|<input id='text_instructor" + i2.toString() +  i1.toString() + "' class='text_instructor' type='text'/>|<input id='text_date" + i2.toString() +  i1.toString() + "' class='text_date' type='text'/></div>";

    appendSpan.innerHTML += appendStr;
    alert("Action Cancelled.  Maximum fields reached.");


The i2 variable indicates the header number that the input fields fall under, where the i1 variable indicates the row that each cell falls into. I would like to place a regex identifier script within the following function to pull the values from each cell and append them underneath their respective target spans within the "newPage" variable:

function createPage() 
var newPage = "<html><head><title></title>";
newPage += "<link rel='stylesheet' lang='text/css' href='output.css'>";
newPage += "</head><body>";
newPage += "<div class='head'>" + promptVal[0] + "</div><br/>";
newPage += "<span id='hcontent1'></div></span>";

var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName("input");

/*  Uhhh.. Yeah.  This is where I'm lost */

newPage += "</span>";
newPage += "</body></html>";

var j ='')

Once I can get, for example, text_(topic, instructor, date)(11-13) all within the "hcontent1" span, I can format it out. I just want the data to be pulled from the text fields and placed into div tags on a separate page.

Thanks for your time, ahead of time!

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Can you create a working example of what you have so far + what you have tried? could help – Explosion Pills Feb 21 '13 at 23:58 is really cool. Thanks for the tip. I tried multiple methods for my regex match searches. Pulled a for loop off of here that i couldn't ever get to work correctly, then I tried creating a new "Regex('blah')" object and running the exec() against the input[i] array iteration. The problem with the latter, was that it was finding the character "1" I was looking for, but I couldn't figure out how to make it search a particular character number/index. – K. Loyd Feb 22 '13 at 0:47
Why dont you use jQuery $.each and $("input").val() to loop on your inputs and capture the value of each. – deadlock Feb 22 '13 at 1:10
Honestly I don't know the slightest thing about jQuery. I'm trying to focus on basic javascript for the moment, then maybe move on to jQuery and PHP. – K. Loyd Feb 22 '13 at 1:59

I figured it out! After like three days of searching, this worked:

var regex1 = /1/g;

for (var i=0; inputs[i]; i++)
    if (inputs[i] == 10)
        alert("It worked");

    else if (inputs[i] == 15)
        alert("It worked again");

    else if (inputs[i] == 9)
        alert("You did it, man");

        alert("Skip this one");
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