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I recently installed Redis on OS X. I did an initial load of some objects, everything in this regard seems to be working perfectly.

I saved the data to dump.rdb and if I launch redis from this directory and don't use a redis.conf file everything goes according to plan.

The problem is that after settling in and setting up a redis.conf file in /etc/redis/ it seems to completely ignore the 'dbfilename' and 'dir' settings.

To be more clear. I created a data directory in: /Library/Redis_Data/. In the redis.conf I set 'dbfilename dump.rdb' and 'dir /Library/Redis_Data'

If I launch: 'redis-server /etc/redis/redis.conf' it simply refuses to load the dump.rdb.

I've run 'redis-cli' and can read the config parameters 'get config dbfilename' and 'get config dir' and they return the correct values, but no data gets restored.

I also enabled AOF. The file (appendonly.aof) which resides in the same directory will be recreated if I delete it and start the server again.

Lastly...if I run 'save' from the cli it will completely wipe out and create a new dump.rdb over my data.

Any thoughts?

FYI: redis server v=2.6.9 sha=00000000:0 malloc=libc bits=64


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Solved: Looking back this morning on this issue I managed to discover the problem.

I originally added my data without enabling 'appendonly' mode. After this test load I setup my environment and decided it would be great to enable 'appendonly'.

What I discovered is this. If you have data in the dump.rdb but the appendonly.aof file is empty and 'appendonly' is turned on; Redis will ignore the dump.rdb instead assuming there is nothing to be done because the appendonly.aof transactions don't exist.

What I did: Turned off 'appendonly' in the config file and restarted Redis with the normal directory setup. This then loaded the dump.rdb as per my config file. I then ran the command from redis-cli 'config set appendonly yes' followed by 'save'.

This then created the appendonly.aof file with all the transactions. Set appendonly back to yes in the config and all was right.

Cheers, damnabit

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