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I have the following setup (view in a narrow window, <750px wide):

The problem is that the hide/show of the navigation doesn't work in Android's default browser. It seems to work pretty much everywhere else. (It does work in Firefox on Android.)

Basically I'm using input:checked ~ .class { height: 16em; } to show the nav.

I've tried removing the transition and a variety of other things and it doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas?

I'd like to avoid using JS, but if I have to I will.

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So, 2 parts to the solution:

1) The problem occurs on Android <4.1.2. The solution is to add a fake animation on the body:

body { -webkit-animation: bugfix infinite 1s; }
@-webkit-keyframes bugfix { 
    from { padding:0; }
    to { padding:0; }

2) There is also a problem on iOS <6 where labels do not check checkbox. The solution is to add an onclick to the label:

<label for="checkbox" onclick>Menu</label>

I found the solutions here:

I've also updated the codepen:

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