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I'm trying to check an array that I create as to whether or not a value is in the array (anywhere) at all or not. If the value is anywhere in the array it needs to do one thing, else another.

var Arr = [false, false, false, false, false];
// It works with the following:
// Arr = [true, false, false, false, false]

if(!$.inArray(false, Arr))
        //False is not in the array at all - so continue with code  
       //False was found in the array

So this above code is working as if the if statement is true, however it clearly isn't.

If I change the array to: true, false, false, false, false the if statement is then false though, as it should be.

Basically what I need this code to do is to only be true if every value in the array is true.

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It's a poorly named method. They should have called it indexOf() like the standard method Arr.indexOf(false) === -1. – the system Feb 22 '13 at 0:58
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$.inArray returns the index of the item or -1 if no items were found:

if ($.inArray(false, Arr) > -1) {
  // found
} else {
  // not found

Always useful to check the docs first:

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jQuery.inArray( value, array [, fromIndex ] ) Returns: Number

Description: Search for a specified value within an array and return its index (or -1 if not found).

inArray returns an integer!

So when it is at index at 0 it would be a falsely value!

You need to check > -1

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