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I am trying to use the NYSIIS module in perl:

I tried the sample program:


use 5.10.0;
use String::Nysiis qw(nysiis);

my $enc = nysiis($string);

print nysiis('Larry'),"\n"; # should print LARY

It does print LARY, but it also gives me an error of: "Use of uninitialized value $string in uc at C:/Perl/site/lib/String/ line 24."

When I did ppm install String::Nysiis, I am told that "No missing packages to install."

How may I prevent this warning (or error) from being generated?

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You're calling it with an uninitialized variable in this line:

my $enc = nysiis($string);

Take that line out, or initialize $string first (and then use $enc).

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@user2096518, You missed it because you didn't use use strict; use warnings;. Always do. – ikegami Feb 22 '13 at 1:19

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