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I am new to JSON. I'm working with the json processing library. Given a JSON such as:

   "data": [
         "name": "John Doe",
         "id": "2980311"
         "name": "Jane Doe",
         "id": "10221412"
         "name": "George Doe",
         "id": "111623489"
    "paging": {
      "blah" : "blah"

How can I get the id values. I've started by trying to get an array to work with:

String URL = "https://graph.facebook.com/username/friends?access_token=";
String token = "";
String[] response = loadStrings(URL+token);

if(response != null) {
  JSONObject result = new JSONObject(response);
  JSONArray data = result.getJSONArray("data");

And this prints out:

JSONObject["data"] not found.
JSONObject["data"] is not a JSONArray.

But it's definitely getting the data. If I print out response I see the data.

What am I missing?

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I'm not seeing a JSONObject constructor in that library that accepts String[] (the type of your response variable). There's JSONObject(String) and there's JSONObject(Object). If you pass a String[] into JSONObject, it'll match the latter, which doesn't (immediately) look to me like it'll do what you want.

I suspect you want to get a single String from the URL, which you'd then pass into JSONObject(String), at which point things should start working correctly.

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indeed, that did it. thanks! – mix Feb 22 '13 at 1:31
@mix: Excellent! It was a bit of a shot in the dark as I've not used that library, glad that helped! – T.J. Crowder Feb 22 '13 at 1:32

try with this..

GraphObject responseGraphObject = response.getGraphObject();
JSONObject json = responseGraphObject.getInnerJSONObject();

                      JSONObject sys  = json.getJSONObject("data");
          Log.e("urlimage json",  sys.getString("url"));
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