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I have read documentation and searched this site extensively prior to asking this question.

$file = new SplFileObject("/var/www/qacentre/compliance/compliance.csv");
foreach ($file as $row) {


Example CSV line;

"ABEL, TAMMY 454454","End of: ABEL, TAMMY 454454",QP544454,28/10/2012 11:41,"0811 unlawfully use, possess","STEPHENS, JEREMY 54544454",LINK OPERATIONS,Located details incorrect,Entity: FORD FALCON Reg #: Colour: White

I have echoed the output and it appears that it is not recognizing the enclosure character ("). I have attempted to use SetCSVControl although i am using the default enclosure. I have also tried escaping the enclosure character in SetCSVControl (as I have no control over the CSV file I am exporting).

For example when I print the result for the first column, which should be ( ABEL, TAMMY 454454 ) I am receiving ( "ABEL ).

I have read this could be an issue with my locale setting (en-GB,en-US;q=0.8,en;q=0.6)?

Any help would be great.

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