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I am creating my first visual studio extension and I would like to know how I can have my extension show up in the Visual Studio Extension manager.

If you go to Tools>Extension Manager you will see what I am referring to.

When you view an extension there, it allows you to enable/disable it as well as it includes a description of it and a thumbnail image.

I am guessing I have to modify the XML in one of the files to do this. Although I am not sure where or how. So far my extension does not show up there when I debug. Even when I create a standard extension package it doesnt.

Does the extension have to be in visual studio extension gallery first? My extension targets VS 2005-2012, and is written in C# and vb.net.(The extension project itself is C#)

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Not sure what you are looking for ... please take a look at Visual Studio Extension

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Since your "extension" is targeting VS2005, I'm guessing it's an add-in, not an extension. Extensions only target VS2010 and later. Unless you repackage your stuff as an extension (which requires some non-trivial code editing), there's no way to get it there.

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