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Here is my code. How to get value of for loop inside the callback function. I need to access gradableGBItems[i].Title inside the callback

for(var i=0; i < gradableGBItems.length ; i++)
            var resultItem='';

             gradeBookbRestService.loadGradeBookItemByItemId(token, gradableGBItems[i].id,   function(resultItem) {

                   //Console.log();  //Need to access value

                    if(resultItem.grade != null || resultItem.grade != undefined)
                        jsonObj.push({id:resultItem.grade.id, comments:resultItem.grade.comments, isVisible:resultItem.grade.isVisible, letterGrade:resultItem.grade.letterGrade,  points: resultItem.grade.points, title: Title } ); 



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Your object is out of scope in the anonymous callback. One potential way to deal with this is to create a callback function and pass it in:

var gradeBookItemCallback = function(gradeableItemTitle, next){
  return function(resultItem){
    //do something with gradeableItemTitle and/or resultItem.
    next(); //call the callback.  You could pass whatever you wanted to here as well. 

It would be used like this:

gradeBookbRestService.loadGradeBookItemByItemId(token, gradableGBItems[i].id, gradeBookItemCallback(Title, callbackFunctionHere));
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