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I need to create a dllImport and some extern functions in a MonoMac project (C#). I added the library to the latest version of MonoDevelop with the Add Native Reference option to the project.

I then added the dllImport and the extern functions, I got an Exception saying the Dll was not found. After running a System.IO.File.Exists() on the path I decided to have a method to test loading the lib using Dlfcn.dlopen(), it returned 0.

Then I copied the whole framework directory inside my bin/debug folder (in my project folder) and created native references for each library in the framework. Tried to load libcrypto.1.0.0.dylib, it didn't work.

I started thinking that something could be wrong in the method I was using. Then I got my sqlLite 3 dylib, copied it and tried the same test and got a pointer with Dlfcn.dlopen().

What am I missing here? I normally would not like to have the whole Qt baggage in there but the native dylib I have to use, uses this framework.

Is there any way to get a reference to this dylib?

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