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Asking SO because the unity forums are very slow.

I'm making a predator / prey game. I want the prey agents to be spheres with a cube as a tail. Basically I want to make my own gameobject made out of a connected cube and sphere.

How do I create a custom gameobject?

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Can not quite catch what do you want. But maybe create a empty gameObject and drag your cube and sphere into it as "sub-gameObjects" will work?

Menu -> GameObject -> Create Empty, then drag the gameObjects you want to connect together to the new created "GameObject".

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True, and you can name that Emtpy GameObject. It'll be 1 object, with his childs being a cube and a sphere. –  Joetjah Feb 22 '13 at 7:46

Another common way is to create a Prefab the holds your pair of GameObjects.

For example you can do the following :

  1. create a GameObject called PreyAgent and add to it 2 children (the cube and the sphere).
  2. Right click on the project window and select Create->Prefab and give it a name (es. PreyAgentPrefab)
  3. Drag and drop the PreyAgent GameObject from Hierarchy window to the created Prefab.

Once created the prefab you can instantiate it from code this way:

GameObject go = GameObject.Instantiate(Resources.Load("PreyAgentPrefab")) as GameObject;

This is useful to create common objects that you want to use across different scenes or projects.

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