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I've got a model which is being destroyed in a form view, and I need it to also remove the related element from the list view.

in my form view I have

delete: function(){

and in my list view I have

initialize: function(){

delete: function(){

when I delete the item, the delete in the listView is triggered, but I get an error cannot call method remove of undefined.

I've also tried $(this.el).remove(), but no luck. The listView is added from the collection in another view with


 add: function(){
    var create = new Myapp.Views.Items({model:item});
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  1. replace this.el with this.$el

  2. don't use delete as method name

  3. change from this.model.on('remove',this.delete); to this.model.on('remove',_.bind(this.delete, this));

  4. jsbin

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that worked, but it seems overly complicated. Shouldn't the 'on' event be bound to the delete of the model? It was triggering before, why should I need all the extra code as you've written. Can you clarify please? – pedalpete Feb 23 '13 at 3:50

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