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I am using CGImageCreateWithMaskingColors() to remove particular color from the UIImage. The color removal process works fine but the transparent region in the image turns black after masking process.See the code pasted below.

CGImageRef imageRef = self.editedImage.CGImage;
CGImageRef myColorMaskedImage = CGImageCreateWithMaskingColors(imageRef, myMaskingColors);

UIImage *newImage = [self normalizeWithAlpha:[UIImage imageWithCGImage:myColorMaskedImage]];
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You have to do a second masking pass to mask the black:

    float colorMaskingLow[6] = {0, low, 0, low, 0, low};
    float colorMaskingHigh[6] = {high, 255, high, 255, high, 255};

    UIImage *image = [self maskColors:colorMaskingHigh inImage:image];
    return [self maskColors:colorMaskingLow inImage:image];

(where the maskColors:inImage: function is what you specify above)

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