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I have a C# program where some parts of code are generated using D-style mixins (i.e., the body of the method is compiled, executed, and results inserted into a class). The method is marked with [MixinAttribute] and, naturally, I don't want it to be compiled into the program. Is there some cheap way of preventing the method decorated with this attribute from being included in a build?

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The only way is with compiler conditionals:

// method you don't want included

The problem with this approach is that you then create a member which will be unavailable in builds where DEBUG is not defined. You then have to mark all usages with the conditional, and I don't think this is what you want. It's not quite clear but I think what you are really asking is how you create dynamic call sites at build time, or, rather, at JIT time (which is what the ConditionalAttribute controls). If this is the case, you can't really do this easily in C# without using some kind of dynamic dispatch overriding (using some proxying library) or by using some post-processing tool like PostSharp to manipulate the compiler output.

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Thanks for the answer. This sucks though :) – Dmitri Nesteruk Feb 24 '13 at 11:18

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