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My test mule application I use curl json post data to the http-end-point and tranforms json to object and insert on my database with name (#[])

I use catch-exception-strategy for keep error log (case Unique name)

I want to update my table with condition in field #[] - mean Update mytable set Firstname = #[]

but in catch-exception-strategy can't access #[]

My configuration

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<mule xmlns:jdbc-ee="" xmlns:data-mapper="" xmlns:http=""
    xmlns="" xmlns:doc="" xmlns:spring="" version="EE-3.3.2" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" ">
    <data-mapper:config name="Mapper" transformationGraphPath="mapper.grf" doc:name="DataMapper"></data-mapper:config>
    <jdbc-ee:mysql-data-source name="MySQL_Data_Source1" url="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mule" user="root" password="1234" transactionIsolation="UNSPECIFIED" doc:name="MySQL Data Source"/>
    <jdbc-ee:connector name="Database" dataSource-ref="MySQL_Data_Source1" validateConnections="true" queryTimeout="-1" pollingFrequency="0" doc:name="Database"/>
    <flow name="httpPostTestFlow1" doc:name="httpPostTestFlow1"> 
        <http:inbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="request-response" host="localhost" port="8081" path="httpPost" doc:name="httpPost"></http:inbound-endpoint>

        <json:json-to-object-transformer doc:name="JSON to Object" returnClass="java.util.Map"></json:json-to-object-transformer>

                <jdbc-ee:outbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="one-way" queryKey="INSERT_TOKEN"  connector-ref="Database" doc:name="Database">
                    <jdbc-ee:query key="INSERT_TOKEN" value="insert into users(FirstName) values(#[]);"/>

              <!--  <http:outbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="request-response" host="localhost" port="80" path="post-debug.php" contentType="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" doc:name="post-debug.php"/> --> 

         <catch-exception-strategy doc:name="Catch Exception Strategy">
            <expression-component doc:name="Create error response">#[message.payload = "{\"status\":\"error\", \"message\":\"" + exception.cause.message + "\"}"]</expression-component>
            <jdbc-ee:outbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="one-way"   connector-ref="Database" doc:name="Database" queryTimeout="-1" queryKey="UPDATE_TOKEN">
                    <jdbc-ee:query key="UPDATE_TOKEN" value="update users SET fail_message = #[message.payload]"/>

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Based on the title you want to have a some sort of global variable, one way is you can try using flowVars as a quick fix. Using Mule Studio it is the same as Variable (under Transformers).

The message you get inside the catch exception strategy is the exception.

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less of document , Thank you so much – Panupong Kongarn Feb 22 '13 at 9:33

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