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How do I create a regex that matches telephones with or without spaces in the number?

I have found:


From another post but how do I modify that to allow 0 or more spaces in the number?

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google around, you can find existing regexes that you could throw in your code that'll be more comprehensive than what you have here –  Reza S Feb 22 '13 at 6:26

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The first thing you need to think is the exact format you want for phone numbers containing spaces. Eg:

+535 233 4444

Is that one OK? It means divided like: 3 3 4. You can adapt the following regex to your needs:


Just change the quantifiers ({3}, {4}, etc) to change the group lengths.

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This is one example: /^(?:\s*\d{3})?\s*\d{3}\s*\d{4}\s*$/

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There's a lot of ways to match telephone numbers (and a lot of valid telephone formats). Here's a simple regex to match "5555555555", "555 555 5555", "(555) 555-5555", "555-555-5555", or "555.555.5555"

^(?\d{3})?( |-|.)?\d{3}( |-|.)?\d{4}$

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