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I need a way to get the next/previous enum.
My problem is that I cannot iterate the normal way:

for( Mode m: Mode.values() ) {
    . . .

I need to get the next enum inside a method, each time it is called:
Note that Mode is a system Enum, therefore I cannot define methods, unless I create my own Enum, which is a solution, but a less preferred one.

public class A {

    private Mode m;

    A() {
        m = Mode.CLEAR;


    protected onClick(View v) {
        v.getBackground().SetColorFilter(R.color.azure, m);
        m = m.next();  // <-- I need something like this
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//Store these somewhere in your class
Mode[] modes = Mode.values();
int modeCount = modes.length;

protected void onClick(View v) {
    //Get the next mode, wrapping around if you reach the end
    int nextModeOrdinal = (m.ordinal() + 1) % modeCount;
    m = modes[nextModeOrdinal];
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Implement this method:

public static Mode nextMode(Mode mode) {
    return (mode.ordinal() < Mode.values().length - 1) ? Mode.values()[mode.ordinal() + 1] : null;
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Are you sure ordinal() gets the order in values()? I know that ordinal() gives the order of the Enum as it is written in the Enum definition, I am not sure values() is bounded to return the same order of Enums. –  ilomambo Feb 22 '13 at 7:06

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