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I assume there is a name for what I describe here.

Basically, if I search for "word1 word2 word3" (without quotes) and I have this array:

 ["word1 word2",
 "word1 word2 word3",
 "word3 word2 word1",
 "word2 word3 word1",
 "word1 word3 word2 word4",
 "word1 word4 word3",
 "word4 word1 word2 word3"]

It should return these found results:

word1 word2 word3
word3 word2 word1
word2 word3 word1
word1 word3 word2 word4
word4 word1 word2 word3

Is there any name for such an algorithm?

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The description would be:

"Search for a all strings that contain all permutations of the following words". So maybe it should be called "Permutation Search": http://www.keyworddiscovery.com/feature-permutation-search.html

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If you also allow word1 word4 word2 word3 to be returned it would be called 'keyword based search' or 'full text search' with the limitation that the search text should contain all keywords (and not only a subset).

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What you are doing is basically

Search : search-set{1,2,3}

In :


Which could be put more concisely as
Find all the result-set from the sample-space-set where 'search-set is a subset'.

So basically, name of algorithm could be
'find all the mother-of-subsets'

(I really dont know what is the reverse of subset relationship. If you know that do let us know all.)

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