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I have a requirement like this: I am using excel with VB code. There are 2 sheets(sheet1 and sheet2) in the excel workbook. sheet1 contains a unique key with which sheet1 and sheet2 needs to be compared. If the unique key in sheet1 matches with the unique key in sheet2, it should retrieve all data corresponding to that unique key in sheet2 and output the results in a newsheet ie., sheet3.

I am trying to code for the first time in vb. Could someone help with the sample code for this kind of requirement. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Sheet1 and sheet2 look like this:

Sheet1: (this sheet will have 1 column ie.; ActivityCode)



Sheet2: (this sheet will have additional columns along with Activitycode column) Activitycode name id email ------------ -------- ------ ------------------ 001 abd 123 001 def 134 002 efg 145 003 abcd 156 006 abd 123

explanation: If Activitycodes which are present in sheet1 are present in sheet2 then those rows must be copied to a different sheet ie., sheet3 (new sheet should be created)

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This question is a bit obtuse, but I'll take a stab at it...

I'm assuming the following:

1) Sheet01 has a column in which a record id is stored, other columns on Sheet01 relate to that record

2) Sheet02 has data from a different source that is related and indexed through the same record id.

3) You need to iterate the index id's from Sheet01, collect the Sheet01 related data, and then concatenate Sheet02's related data on Sheet03?

If so, a For Each loop will be your friend... I'm assuming that you know the column count of the records from sheet01 and sheet02.

Try this on for size...

Dim x As Range, y As Range, n As Range

Sub concatData()

Dim i As Integer
Dim myArray()

Set n = Sheets(Sheet1.Name).Range("B2")

For i = 0 To 2000

    'count up the good data
    If n.Offset(i, 0).Value = "" Then
        Exit For
    End If

Next i

ReDim myArray(i, 2) 'dimension array for data

If i = 0 Then Exit Sub 'if no data, quit

i = 0 'reset the variable

For Each x In Sheets(Sheet1.Name).Range("B2:B2000") 'run through the Sheet01 columns
    If x.Value = "" Then 'when at the end of the list, leave
        Exit For

        For Each y In Sheets(Sheet2.Name).Range("B2:B2000") 'iterate Sheet02 rows, matching on columns
            If x.Value = y.Value Then
                'collect the data into array
                myArray(i, 0) = x.Value
                myArray(i, 1) = x.Offset(0, 1).Value
                myArray(i, 2) = y.Offset(0, 1).Value
            End If
        Next y
    End If

    i = i + 1 'increase our array slot

Next x

'drop the array into Sheet03; column B,C,D reference array column 0,1,2
' i tells us how many rows
Sheets(Sheet3.Name).Range("b2:d" & i + 1) = myArray()

End Sub
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