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git-fetch manual page says:

git fetch remote_repo

will update "remote-tracking branches" of all branches from the remote repository.

What if I only need fetch a single remote branch?

I try to run:

git fetch remote_repo remote_branch

It just stores infomation into FETCH_HEAD instead of creating a "remote-tracking branch" named remote_repo/remote_branch.

I know there is a solution:

git fetch remote_repo remote_branch:refs/remotes/remote_repo/remote_branch

But it's too verbose.

Is there a simpler way to achieve this?

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If the set of remote branches that you want to fetch is somewhat stable, you can edit remote.<name>.fetch with git-config to achieve that result:

git config remote.remote_repo.fetch remote_branch:refs/remotes/remote_repo/remote_branch

That config will be picked up as default when running a bare git fetch:

    The default set of "refspec" for git-fetch(1). See git-fetch(1).
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