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I have read Setting windows layout for a specific application in awesome-wm.Now I want to do this under certain tag during autostart. For example:

I turn on my pc.Apps like "firefox","terminal" will automatically run under tag 1." "mplayer" will run under tag 2. "xchat" will run under tag 3. They all autostart.

I don't want "firefox" always under tag 1. I could run firefox under any tags I want.I just need it run under tag 1 when computer is first turned on.So code below couldn't be used.

awful.rules.rules = {
-- All clients will match this rule.
{ rule = { class = "Firefox" },
 properties = { tag = tags[1][2]}}, --,switchtotag=true} },
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Check out shifty- there you can specify the tab for the application, but you can still move it to a different tab.

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Thank you.Shifty is very convenient. – winoi Mar 5 '13 at 8:21
tyrannical can cleanly handle dynamic tag management and application launching rules – krd Feb 7 '15 at 8:10

Have you looked on the awesome wiki pages? I think this is what you are lookin for:

   function run_once(prg,arg_string,pname,screen)
    if not prg then
        do return nil end

    if not pname then
       pname = prg

    if not arg_string then 
        awful.util.spawn_with_shell("pgrep -f -u $USER -x '" .. pname .. "' || (" .. prg .. ")",screen)
        awful.util.spawn_with_shell("pgrep -f -u $USER -x '" .. pname .. " ".. arg_string .."' || (" .. prg .. " " .. arg_string .. ")",screen)

run_once("wicd-client",nil,"/usr/bin/python2 -O /usr/share/wicd/gtk/wicd-client.py")

This code is from the awesome wiki. You can pass the screen as an argument to this function. For more details look at the link above. If you want to open the window in a special tag on a screen you could give the window a special name (exp. "startup") and then create a rule to launch only the instances named "startup" on the screen.


run_once("firefox","startup, nil, 1)

 rule = { class = "Firefox", instance = "startup" }, properties = {tag = tags[2]}},
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Thanks you very much @nyquist, I was searching for how to do this. I will try this soon. – Ciges Jan 22 '14 at 8:50

I created a small gist for doing that task with pure lua within the capabilities of Awesome and no need for plugins!


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