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can any one suggest me an alternative for phone gap web workers because i want my application to run successfully from android 2.2 to 4.2. As i know web workers support for 4.0 and above.

I tried Android Google cloud messaging and that is working perfectly fine. but i am looking for phone gap options not native android options.

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According to caniuse.com/webworkers, Most of androids even 4.0 and above do not support Web Workers :( –  InspiredJW Aug 15 '13 at 16:28

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Use push notification plugin https://build.phonegap.com/plugins/3 that encapsulate Google cloud messagging on Android

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You could try a combination of inappbrowser and the localStorage/'storage' events.

For example. YOur background processes could run in your index.html which would bind an event handler for 'storage' using window.addEventListener('storage', function callback, true/false)

When the page loads, before hiding the s splash screen, launch another browser instance using window.open directed to ui.html (containing ui thread/html/css ect) be sure to configure the browser to be full screen with all tool/ location bars hidden.

Now in the ui.html javascript when you want to send data to the bg thread you just create it in local persistent storage. Ex localStorage.setItem ('item', data);

Now an event should fire in the original window (bg layer) triggering your callback function which will be passed an event object that contains (amoung other things) the data value that changed.

If youd like more detailed instructions let me know. I got this working in android 2.2+

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