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Adding success and error callback in backbone model#save doesn't work.

I upgraded to 0.9.10 which is the newest one and to my surprise{ 
  success : function(model, response, options){


  error : function(model, response, options){


doesn't work. Any ideas?

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does the network request takes place when you call save? I think they changed their validation strategy in the latest backbone which prevents save method to work if the model is invalid – nEEbz Feb 22 '13 at 10:11

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The options object should be passed as the second argument. The first arguments is reserved for attributes you want to set in the save operation:{attr:'val'}, {
  success: function() { },
  error: function() { }

If you don't want to pass any new values to save, you can pass either and empty object ({}) or null.

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