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The closest topic I found is about all the NoSQL solutions for .NET. But what I really need is LINQ-enabled NoSQL solution for Windows Store application written in C#+XAML to provide the application its local storage on a mobile device (notebook). If you had already used one, please write few words about what's its name and how effective and fast it is.

Windows 8 Professional is the target platform, Windows RT is not.

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RavenDB is the first that comes to mind, but I don't think there's a Windows Store version yet. It's all open source though :)

NoSQL as a requirement is a little vague. Name/Value pairs? Document database? graph? Not to be patronizing but NoSQL is a technology decision that would be driven by a product functionality requirement, so I'd ask back what are you trying to do/store? When I think NoSQL, I think "web scale", relaxed consistency to provide higher throughput, and those doesn't immediately jive with a on-device store.

A HashTable, for instance could be considered a NoSQL store in this context.

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