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I have a code in my bash script

OUTPUT=""yum update

echo $OUTPUT

echo $OUTPUT >> mylogfile

yum updateis a very long command and without my script it always output something to console, but in my script it starts, for the long time nothing outputs and after a while outputs a lof of data. Is any way in my script to output data as soon as it is available, but not all data in the same time after long waiting?

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You are "suffering from buffering". I can't test this, but try redirecting stdout to stderr, which should be unbuffered. yum update >&2 –  cdarke Feb 22 '13 at 9:44

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Try using tee:

$ yum update | tee mylogfile

will send standard output from yum to both the standard output of shell (your screen) and mylogfile. Add redirections for standard error as needed.

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