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I've recently installed IntelliJ on a new pc and I don't have a server tab when i Debug/Run my web application.

enter image description here

Can you tell me how to reconfigure my IDEA so I get this tab there?

Update: My intelliJ edition is Ultimate

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Try the Restore Layout button, it's hidden under >>. –  CrazyCoder Feb 22 '13 at 11:22

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I've seen this where I've floated the Server tab and then closed it (with the X on the top right). I think couldnt find any way to restore it in the current session.

What I did in the end was to stop the debugging session, cloes the debug tab altogether (Ctrl+F4 with the debug window selected) and then restarted IntelliJ.

That did the trick for me - the next time I debugged it the Server tab reappeared.

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