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Im new with MS SQL-Server. But already have a problem with it.
I have a query:

   with by_segment as (
    GEOMETRY::STGeomFromText(Track.Track.STAsText(),4326) as the_geom,
    row_number() over (partition by road_id order by Segment_Id) as [rn],
    count(*) over (partition by road_id) as [c]
 FROM dbo.Road
 LEFT JOIN Segment_ID  ON Road.Road_ID = Segment_ID.Road_ID
 LEFT JOIN Track ON Segment_ID.Segment_ID = Track.Segment_ID
roads_by_segment as ( 
from by_segment
where [rn] = 1

union all

from by_segment as [a]
inner join roads_by_segment as [b]
 on [a].segment_id = b.[segment_id]
 and [a].[rn] = [b].[rn]+1 

select * from roads_by_segment where [rn] = [c]

Its works but its take alot of time. I mean when i press execute query i get result within 2seconds but query still work about 5 minutes.
I think its becouse too many selects in here. There selects need for function geometry1.STUnion(geometry2).
Its possible to make function from this monster query? And using function can make this query faster?


I want to create view to publish it on Geoserver. But I have a problem with geometry. I have a geometry of segments of line.

I think i gonna talk about tables structure. I have 3 tables:


Track (geometry)





And in query result i eant to get Road.Name, Road.Road_ID and all segment connected in single feature for this Road.


I see something interesting. In table Road i have 76 rows. When i press execute query i get 75 rows and after 5 minutes i get all 76 rows. So problem in last iteration. What can be wrong?


Execution plan http://sd.reborn.ru/download.php?fid=f52cb6c6146fdb993c1375f8b1da4787

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Okay. This site isn't a "do my work for me" site. Specifically, you've taken the query that I wrote for you here (stackoverflow.com/questions/14943346/…), presented it as your own, and are now asking people to tune that. What have you tried yourself? Only you have access to your actual data, so any efforts put in here are going to be mainly speculative. Have you looked at a query plan? What does that say? Tell us what you've tried and what has and hasn't worked and we can help you. –  Ben Thul Feb 22 '13 at 12:54

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Its possible to make function from this monster query?

--> Yes

And using function can make this query faster?

--> No

Sorry for this short answer. But without any backgroud information about business rules of your data model or technical details about plan it is not possible to give detailed improvement suggestions.

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But what can i do to accelerate query>? –  Kliver Max Feb 22 '13 at 10:44
Sorry for bad question. I try update it within 2 minutes. Can you look at it? –  Kliver Max Feb 22 '13 at 10:47
Check the indexes on road_id column? If not exist, try to create one nonclustered (I suppose that you already have a clustered index on that table). Try to upload your execution plan, which graphically shows what SQL Server do when executing query? Any additional information will be great. –  veljasije Feb 22 '13 at 15:18
What is xecution plan? Ctrl+M not show it. –  Kliver Max Feb 23 '13 at 11:15
@veljasije: Im upload plan in question update. But dont know that do it right. –  Kliver Max Feb 23 '13 at 18:14

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