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Can I rollback record after successfully saved?

Lets I have a user model with attribute name,email and so on.

For ex.


Now record will be successfully saved in database after that I want to rollback my transaction (not destroy or delete). Have any idea?

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You can do this with transactions, see http://markdaggett.com/blog/2011/12/01/transactions-in-rails/


User.transaction do
  User.create(:username => 'Nemu')
  raise ActiveRecord::Rollback
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There's also a gem called PaperTrail that we've been using with great success. It might do a little more than you want.

PaperTrail lets you track changes to your models' data. It's good for auditing or versioning. You can see how a model looked at any stage in its lifecycle, revert it to any version, and even undelete it after it's been destroyed.


No affiliation.

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You can run console in sandbox mode

$> rails c --sandbox
  • On exit all changes rollback to the point of enter.
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