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I am encoding every py script in my project to utf-8, as we are definitely migrating our application from Jython 2.2.1 to Jython 2.5.2. For that reason, I have added a 'magic comment' at the first line of every py file (#encoding=utf-8) and I have started testing whether everything is OK by debugging the application in Eclipse.

The problem appears in a script that contains the string straße, because it is automatically converted to straße.

My doubt is if this change is caused by Pydev or it happens because utf-8 doesn't cover this kind of characters. What can I do to automaticaly avoid this issue with other 'strange' strings I haven't detected yet?

Thanks in advance!

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Are you sure your .py files use UTF-8 encoding? Try to open it with WebBrowser (as text) and check various encodings. While you see straße if seems that ß is encoded by two bytes (most probably UTF-8) but ensure it is really UTF-8.

Also check in Eclipse settings on Project/Properties. There is Resource panel with "Text file encoding" setting (I use Eclipse only for Java projects and do not know if Pydev uses this setting).

Try such code with PyDev and check if result file contains UTF-8 text:

# -*- coding: utf8 -*-

import codecs

f = codecs.open('strasse.txt', 'wb', 'UTF-8')
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