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I'm currently developing webserver in C# which using javascript as the server-sided language (using hte javascript.net library, port of v8 engine for .NET http://javascriptdotnet.codeplex.com/). Currently I have a this problem: When I'm parsing and than running a script from a file, the variables which created in the proccess stay exist forever, because I'm running all the scripts on the same javascript context. What should I do to prevent that? Create a different context for every request in webserver? I guess that's not the answer since it will be very uneffecient. And since I cannot create a scope in javascript simply by open and close brackets like i can do in C-like languages I dont know what to do. Thanks in advance!

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You can execute code in closures like (function() { ... })();. Anything inside this function's body will not be exposed to the global scope except global variables (i.e. window.var1 or if you omit the var keyword). –  marekful Feb 22 '13 at 10:37
I'm not sure I can do this because I acually parse the page, extract from it the server-sided code to a list, than I run the scripts on the list and inside the list there are the scripts for the outputs ( like when you do this line in php for example: <?php echo x ?> and it outputs the variable x to the html responde file). So I must exceute them in that order and when an output is encountered it outputs it to the file so I cant wrap that up in a single string and add what you said above. –  UnTraDe Feb 22 '13 at 10:42

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