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I have this structure of data in a hash:

[{"name"=>"Peter", "surname"=>"Green"}, {"name"=>"Jane", "surname"=>"Miller"}]

But when I try to work with this hash, for example:

puts hash.count # returns nothing
hash.each do |data|
  puts data.name # => undefined method `name' for #<Hash:0x00000104bcf9f8>

What am I missing?

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Array#count without an argument should return the number of elements, but it is more natural to use length or size. And Hash does not have a method name.

puts hash.length
hash.each do |data|
  puts data["name"]

By the way, what you refer to as hash is actually an array, and is confusing.

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Oh, thanks, I've got lost... –  user984621 Feb 22 '13 at 10:48

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