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If I change my computer's timezone while a Python program is running, that program continues to use the old timezone for calculations and conversions unless I restart the program.

This causes trouble in situations such as parsing the output of commands which use local time, such as net stats svr in Windows. Converting such a parsed local time to a Unix timestamp with time.mktime(local_naive_datetime.timetuple()) returns an incorrect timestamp unless the program is restarted because it assumes the local time is in the old timezone.

A simple example demonstrating this problem: call, change the system timezone, and call the function again. The second call returns the local time in the old timezone.

Is there a function or other method I can use to tell Python to recheck the system timezone without restarting a long-running script?

I am running Python 2.7.3 on Windows 7.

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Can you specify what system you're on?(python version, OS, etc...). python 2.7 on OSX 10.8 doesn't exhibit this behaviour. I ran and it gave me the correct local time, changed my timezone to china and it gave me the time in china -- matching the system clock both times -- when run again(using the python REPL). – entropy Feb 22 '13 at 11:08
May I add though, that python-dateutil keeps detecting the local timezone as the first one even after it's changed, so there is obviously something weird going on here – entropy Feb 22 '13 at 11:08

Yes there is a function. You can call time.tzset() and you can use time.tzname to get the time zone information.

Please take a look at

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According to the documentation you linked, as well as a quick test I did, time.tzset() is not available on Windows. In addition, time.tzname remains as the old timezone after a system timezone change unless I restart the python script/REPL. – Delan Azabani Feb 22 '13 at 11:59

This code worked to detect the change. Not exactly production quality though.

import os
import time
inp = input('change time and press enter')
f = open('newtimezone','w')
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