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I am creating a web application with eclipse and I am using hibernate.

I am getting all the time this error: org.hibernate.HibernateException: /hibernate.cfg.xml not found.

I know that usually it is related to the location of the hibernate files but I changed the location from src to build/classes and to webcontent/web-inf and none of them seems to work.

I looked at the classpath file and it looks like the class path is the src folder and also the hibernate used to work and I didn't change anything in the locations of the file or the content of the pathclass file.

I just tried to add another table to the DB from the hibernate and now even after I deleted the changes it doesn't work.

Anyone have an idea what went wrong?

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You should make the hibernate.cfg.xml file available in the classpath of the VM the application will be running in. For example, in WEB-INF/classes.

You should check how your build process is outputting your classes. If, for instance, the src folder is compiled into WEB-INF/classes, you could place the file under src. Or, as Nim already pointed out, in src/main/resources if you're using Maven, for instance.

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I prefer putting it in src/main/resources and it gets copied across to /WEB-INF/classes on build.

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