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I want to build a new web site in .Net.

I want to build that website such a way that web site should be device independent.

i.e. it should be working in all device such as Mobile , Tablet , PC...

I know this is difficult but one of my friend said that this might be possible using HTML5

He has said that if you have your menus inside tag in HTML page they will be shown differently in different device and stuff like that.

So please can some one help me with this.

Can someone please suggest any good tutorial for this??

How should I design my website.

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The term you're looking for is "responsive web design". Google that and you'll find endless amounts of good information. A key part of which is the use of "media queries" which allow you to specify different css styles for different screen sizes (among other useful things).

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Thanks this is exactly i want Thanks a lot again –  Dhaval Feb 22 '13 at 15:08

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