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I am attempting to add an attribute to a node in an XML column in SQL Server.

SET Metadata.modify('
    insert attribute MyAttribute{"01b9cd0b-bfed-436f-bc58-57d2fddd9211"}
    into (Root/Collection/Item[@No="360"][1])
    TableName.Id = 1

I get the following error...

Msg 2226, Level 16, State 1, Line 4 XQuery
[TableName.Metadata.modify()]: The target of 'insert' must be a single node, found 'element(Item,xdt:untyped) *'

But I thought my selection would return a single item, given the [1]

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Stupid XQuery! (Or possibly me).

You need to place the [1] outside of the brackets:

into (Root/Collection/Item[@No="360"][1])

Should be

into (Root/Collection/Item[@No="360"])[1]
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