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I want to write a Matlab function that compares the elements of two strings, so that given a single cell array of strings, it will return that single cell array but in alphabetical order eg function({'car','apple','bus'}) so I have written a sub-function that compares the elements of two strings against one another and assigns a numerical value:

function [ out ] = comparestrings( a,b )

for k=1:min(length(a),length(b))

    if a(1,k)<b(1,k)
    elseif b(1,k)<a(1,k)
    if length(a)<length(b)        
    else out=0;      

But when I try and run my program in Matlab, it says there is an error in the line

if a(1,k) < b(1,k)

I have no clue why this could be?

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what is the error? how is your string defined? if it is a vector of kx1 then there might be size mismatch. – Seyhmus Güngören Feb 22 '13 at 11:09
This is purely a programming question. It probably fits better at StackOverflow. If you want we can migrate the question for you. – Willie Wong Feb 22 '13 at 11:16
@WillieWong Oh right, sorry I didn't realise. That'd be great, thank you. – Mathlete Feb 22 '13 at 11:24

Functions like sort, unique, and ismember are defined not only for numbers, but also for cell arrays of strings. Therefore, I don't think it is necessary to convert your strings to numbers.

As to your error - you need to supply strings, not cell arrays, i.e.

myCellArray = {'car','apple'}


With the curly brackets, you access the contents of the elements of the cell array, while with parentheses, you'd be supplying cells, and < is not defined for cells.

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I have run your code in Matlab R2010a under GNU/Linux and it works correctly. I have saved your funcion in a file called comparestring.m, and then I can call it the following way:


ans =


comparestrings('apple', 'car')

ans =


Maybe you are not calling your function properly?

Anyway if you do not need to create a function yourself you can use Matlab's built-in function sort:


ans = 

    'apple'    'bus'    'car'
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By the way, there is a function in matlab called strcmp that does that!

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