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I am trying to valid phone numbers with the following format with a regex. But it is failing on certain conditions.

Phone Numbers:


I wrote this regex for above mentioned numbers:


Tested it here.

I used in the following code segment:

var phonePattern = /^[+]?(\d{2,4}-)?(\d{7,11})/;
    $('#errorList').append('<li>Invalid Phone Number</li>');
    error = 1;

The regex works fine for the phone numbers I need, but it also return true for = '011-2323232asdasd'. I am new to regex and its usage in javascript. How can I make it work? Please advice.

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You need to put anchors at both ends (like ^<a-regex-goes-here>$, otherwise it will allow rubbish after the match.

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Add $ at the end of your regexp: ^[+]?(\d{2,4}-)?(\d{7,11})$

It means 'end of text/line', so your regexp will require to have only digits till end of the string.

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You need to add an "end with ($)" operator into your code.


You may want to take a look at this

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Try this regex /^((\+91)?-?[0\+\(]*\d{2,3}[-\s\)]*\.?\d{3,4}[-\s]*\.?[0-9]{4})$/ this will work for all type of valid phone numbers.

Returns true for below conditions:

1. Just 10 digits
2. +00 0000 0000
3. +1 000 000 000
4. (3 digits)<space>(3 digits)<space>4 digits
5. (3 digits) - 3 digits - 4 digits
6. +91-9898989898

And lot more..

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I think you have missed $ in the end. use: ^[+]?(\d{2,4}-)?(\d{7,11})$

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