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I'm experiencing a very slow startup of gvim with tex files and the latex-suite plugin. For example, opening this tex file takes 7 seconds. A minimal .vimrc file only contains the following line:

filetype plugin on

My .vim folder only contains the latex-suite plugin (snapshot 2013-01-16). I suspect the folding functionality in latex-suite but I'm not sure how to track this down properly and fix it. I'm running gvim 7.3 on Ubuntu 12.10.

Does anybody know how to fix this slow startup?

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If the problem is related to the filetype (as you've already determined), the slowness should also happen when you :edit the file from within a running Vim, or even when you reload the Tex file via :e!. I'd use that to investigate the root cause. If you suspect folding, :setl foldmethod=manual or :setl nofoldenable would be a first attempt.

Since you've already isolated the problem down to the plugin, I would recommend to direct any feedback and problem reports to its author; even if you get a fix or workaround here, it still should flow back into the plugin.

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Yes, the slow loading also occurs when a tex file is loaded from within an already running gvim. However, :setl foldmethod=manual or :setl nofoldenable does not change the behavior. – andrenarchy Feb 22 '13 at 13:55
You could try turning off the syntax, checking the autocmds, capturing what's happening with :set verbose=20, or even :profile, but I'd submit this issue to the author first. – Ingo Karkat Feb 22 '13 at 14:22
thx, I reported the issue on the development mailing list. Btw, gvim --startuptime startup.log funcall.tex results in this log where the slow startup can be tracked down to the latex-suite plugin. – andrenarchy Feb 25 '13 at 9:40

latex-suite seems to do some kind of package scanning which I disabled by setting

let g:Tex_PackagesMenu = 0

in my .vimrc. This reduces the startup time to 3.5s (from 7s) and I think I can live with this ;).

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