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I installed Red5 Server and when I run http://localhost:5080 it shows that red5 is installed successfully. But when I try to run installer folder, it gives error as follow:

Host: localhost >Trying to connect
Net status: NetConnection.Connect.Rejected
Net status: NetConnection.Connect.Closed
Trying to connect to war location
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type http://your_ip:_port to your browser
ip: your specified while installation of red5
port: your specified port number in installation
you will see installer link, click on, then choose each Demo and click Install
after both installation progress, check your red5 installation directory for installed demos.Also you will be able to launch demos in http://your_ip:port/demos/ page.
NOTE: I assume that you started red5 service on pc, otherwise go services.msc and start red5 service before these

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