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I created a ruby on rails web app which I deployed on heroku, by following this guide


The app is very similar to this tutorial in that a user can create an account, log in, create an object with some information which is belongs to that user. These objects I created are meant to represent nodes which I would like to be able to create relationships between.

I have been reading up on Neo4j and it seems like the best fit for ruby but then I read that it only really works with JRuby. Could anyone tell me would it work with my implementation and if so , how? or if it dosent, what should I use instead?

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JRuby allows Ruby to access Neo4j directly through the Java API. It is the fastest implementation possible. However, Neo4j also provides a REST API that allows any language to access it over HTTP.

I seems like your answer may be here: Which Ruby REST API client for neo4j?

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You can use Neography gem as a REST client for Neo4j.

and You can use Neo4j-friendship gem: https://rubygems.org/gems/neo4j-friendships

to implement friendships between users.

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This is again using the Neography gem, but this blog maxdemarzi has got some really nice posts on integrating ruby with neo4j.

Here's a link: http://maxdemarzi.com/2012/01/04/getting-started-with-ruby-and-neo4j/

But as mentioned by others, I don't think you'd get anything that can talk directly to the Java API other than JRuby.

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