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I have a domain from godaddy and also purchase a VPS from them which I have to run myself. I'm trying to locate the SSH terminal to write some commands to install scripts on the server but can't locate terminal in the Plesk control panel.

Do I need third party remote access or can I use my local Mac terminal to access the server and how.


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If you can check via common SSH console that package SSHterm is installed on VPS:

On Debian-like:

:~# dpkg -l | grep -i sshtem
ii  sshterm                             0.2.2-10.11092912                  Plesk-packaged version of SSH Java applet

On RedHat-like:

[~]# rpm -qa | grep -i SSHterm

If package is installed you have to switch on "Access to the server over SSH" in Subscriptions > > Websites & Domains > Web Hosting Access After that you can see "SSH/Shell Access" button in Websites & Domains > Advanced Operations part.

Remember that it's "subscription based" feature, so you it works under not privileged subscription FTP user.

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I found out you need to use local terminal to access SSH. Godaddy.com VPS –  ifelse Feb 25 '13 at 14:47
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