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I am trying to animate clouds across a page with jQuery, and move them to the end of the page once they go off the far left.

<div class="sprite cloud" id="cloud-1"> </div>


$(function () {
   function runIt() {


       var speed = 20;
       var Position = this.position().left;
       var Width =  this.width();
       if((Position + Width) < 0) 
           Position = $(document).width();
           this.css("left", Position);


  $('#clouds').animate({"left": Position-speed},1000, "linear", runIt)}

It works if I use $('#cloud-1'), etc, but not if I try to use each(). I get an error that says

Object # has no method 'position'

I get the same error for any function, such as offset().

$(this) instead of this resolved it.

New code:

$(function () {
   function runIt() {


   var speed = 20;
   var cloudPosition = $(this).position().left;
   var cloudWidth =  $(this).width();

   if((cloudPosition + cloudWidth) < 0) 
       cloudPosition = $(document).width();
       $(this).css("left", cloudPosition);

    $(this).animate({"left": cloudPosition-speed},1000, "linear", runIt)



  setInterval(runIt, 1000)

It only animates once now. I assume it's because the runIt callback is now inside a loop. I tried moving it outside the loop, but that didn't work. Using setInterval works ok, though probably isn't the proper way to do it

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.position is a method on jQuery objects, and this inside each is a DOM Object.

You need to use $(this).position

And the same for width and css

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That was more or less it! It won't loop anymore though, it did with only one. Any ideas? – evandentremont Feb 22 '13 at 13:40
@EPICWebDesign, could you post the complete code? – Dogbert Feb 22 '13 at 13:48
It's there. This is the test site: – evandentremont Feb 22 '13 at 13:51

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