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I am using Icomoon to create custom font icons, i have a situation where to icons need to be in the same span such as:

<span class="glyph2" aria-hidden="false" data-icon="&#xe000; &#xe001;"></span>

But they both need to be different colors. Is it possible at all to do this?

And here's the JSFIDDLE containing all the code, but i cant seem to get the custom fonts working in jsfiddle.

Any Help Greatly appreciated.

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I don't believe this is possible using only the data-icon attribute.

You could use IcoMoon's icon- classes instead and use the before CSS pseudo selector on one, and the after selector on the second.

icon1:before {
    content: "A";

.icon2:after {
    color: blue;
    content: "B";

I have demonstrated this in a Fiddle.

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I haven't been able to demonstrate that in the fiddle, but it looks like it can work.

IcoMoon's are styling in an :before pseudo selector. Acordingly to css the first-letter pseudo-selector should work on the generated content, and so including the :before data.

So, including

.glyph2:first-letter {background-color: blue; color:white}

You should be able to give this appearance to the first icon (generated in a :before pseudo element with 2 custom chars).

It worked for me in local, but I couldn't get it to work in the fiddle.

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didnt work for me, sorry.. thanks for the effort though :) –  Dawid van der Hoven Feb 26 '13 at 9:06

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