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i wanna load calendar when i click the textbox (in C#).. how can i implement that..?

can anyone tell me the idea to do that..?

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If you have to use ASP.NET controls then I would recommend the Ajax Control Tool kit:

Calendar Extender

otherwise use any of these javascript based client side tools:

Jquery UI Datepicker or any of these Calendars

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you can do it using Calendar control and PopupControl Extender comes with Ajax Control toolkit.

check this link. maybe it helps.

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I have been using Ex-“Coolest” DHTML Calendar for a few years now in an project, without problems.

If I would upgrade I pick the Datepicker, because jQuery is already used in the project. But the new coolest DHTML Calendar is a nice one also.

All you need with all these calendars is an asp:textbox. On the client side you attach the calendar and when the form get's posted you have to parse the date in code-behind. If you put this in a control you can reuse the calendar everywhere in your project.

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