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I have just installed Visual Studio 2012 Professional Edition and I'm planning to write my first Hello World application but I can't find the designer view !

enter image description here

How can I switch to the designer mode in Visual C++ 2012 Professional?

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Maybe you are used to C#, where when you have let's say MyForm.cs and you just open it, it opens MyForm.cs [Design] window by default, in which you can design your dialog.

In Visual C++, the appearance of the dialog is stored in the resource file, thus you need to double click on Win32Project3.rc which will switch your left pane to the Resource view. Then you will see more resource types (they look like folders) and under Dialog you will find your dialog.

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I can see only the about dialog, Where is the main dialog with white background ? – Rafik Bari Feb 22 '13 at 14:20
@ShikataGaNai: There can be more dialogs defined within one resource file. Also there can be more resource files... you just need to find the right dialog :) – LihO Feb 22 '13 at 14:24

I found that double-clicking the header file (as shown in the Solution Explorer) opens designer view where applicable. To get the actual template, I used an online template through VS2015. Sorry if this response isn't the best, I just got a hang of it earlier today...

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