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in directory mydir I have:

 x.py with:

     import mypackage.mymodule

    def module()

I do not want to create a sub directory mypackage in mydir and have another __init__.py there. I know it is not recommended my reasons are beyond the scope here.

I was trying to modify the module name and path using the modulefinder. I did not find a good documentation on the subject;

I created a file:


    import mypackage.mymodule
    import x

and from \__init__.py:

        import modulefinder
        finder = modulefinder.ModuleFinder('/fullpath/mydir',0,['x.py'],['mypackage.mymodule',(('mypackage/mymodule','mymodule')

I also tried:


      import modulefinder

A third method I tried was to modify the sys.modules myself. Also didn't work for me; I got a set error on the key().

can you specify for each method why it did not work and the right way to twick?

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have you tried the explicit relative import: from . import mymodule? –  J.F. Sebastian Feb 22 '13 at 14:24

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